Reiki Courses & Shares

Training courses are one day in duration usually from 09.45 to 15.30.  

Classes are held periodically and training can be either one to one or in a small group subject to interest.  Sometimes, another Reiki Shihan may be present

Reiki shares provide the opportunity to develop and practise working with the energy in a safe environment amidst a group of like-minded people.

Courses:                  Cost:               Duration:   

Shoden                      £120                  1 day  (6 hours)   

Chuden                      £120                 1 day  (6 hours)

Okuden                     £200                 1 day  (6 hours)

Okuden training includes an optional half day refresher
session  0 - 3 months after the training day.


Students wishing to become teachers need to

discuss the teaching criteria before taking Shinpiden

Reiki Shares

Shares are generally held monthly on a weekday evening.

A small contribution is asked for each guest attending.