Healing Sessions

To receive Reiki, you relax fully clothed on a couch or seated in a chair whilst the Practitioner holds his hands on or away from the body.  

Some heat, tingling or emotion may be experienced.and during the healing session a break can be requested at any time.

Wear clothing that is suitable for lying on a couch and remove unnecessary jewellery. Blankets are used to keep your body warm during treatment. Allow about one hour twenty minutes in total which includes preliminary and post session discussion and some restful time afterwards. Decide if you would like the treatment to be hands on or hands off or a combination of both. 

Receiving Reiki does not interfere with medical treatment or  drugs taken, however, the practitioner should be made aware of any sensitive areas of the body or any issues of concern to aid treatment. All matters discussed are treated in the utmost confidence.

Healing sessions are available in Folkestone Town Centre.