Learn Reiki

Many people decide to learn the healing art of Reiki so that they may heal some hurt that exists within their own body or mind. 

Others look to develop a spiritual dimension to their being that they have become increasingly aware of or are seeking greater clarity and understanding about who they really are and their purpose in life.  How to meditate with Reiki is also taught. 


A lot of people wish to learn about Reiki healing so that they may offer help to others, often going on to become Reiki Practitioners themselves.   

Whatever the reason, learning Reiki is instrumental in adopting a more holistic approach to living and being at one with ourselves, others and the planet.  It is a pathway to inner peace and well-being.

There are three levels of Reiki training in the Komyo Reiki Kai that I teach.  These teachings are representative of original teachings by the founder of Reiki,  Mikao Usui Sensei.

SHODEN   -   At this level you learn about what Reiki is, how it came into being and find out how it is used as a 'hands-on healing art' (Reiki Ryoho).  You become connected to Reiki energy and thereafter you are forever able to channel Reiki healing.  You begin to work with Reiki energy and learn how to carry out 'self-healing' and Reiki meditation.  The technique for giving Reiki healing to others is shown. 

CHUDEN   -   At the second level your experience of Reiki becomes deeper, furthering self-healing and spiritual development.  Reiki symbols (Shirushi) are taught, the use of which enhances the student's ability to channel Reiki energy.  Healing of self and others becomes more beneficial and the practice of 'distant healing' becomes possible.   

OKUDEN   -   This is an advanced (Master) level for students wishing to use Reiki Ryoho as a spiritual path towards enlightenment.  Advanced learning of Reiki practices is undertaken  to develop spiritual growth.

A further, final, Shirushi is given at this time.

After Okuden, for those wishing to become a teacher of Reiki, there is a further qualification, SHINPIDEN, that covers instruction on how to teach Komyo Reiki Kai.    

There are certain criteria that needs to be met to become accredited as a Komyo Reiki Kai Shihan (Teacher / Instructor).  Please contact me for details.