There are many levels on which Reiki can improve wellbeing.

It can help to relieve physical pain, reduce stress, release 

emotional hurt and improve clarity of mind.  

Things such as worry, grief, fear and pain 

can use up so much of our essential energy.  

Freeing this energy can move our lives forward and 

provide an opportunity for further healing to take place.

Most people find the relaxation of a Reiki treatment to 

be a lovely experience.  


Spiritually, Reiki can be a pathway to finding peace and can help to fill the spiritual dimension to our beings which is often neglected because of the pressures of modern life.  Learning to meditate with Reiki is very beneficial for improving wellbeing and gaining peace of mind.

Awareness of 'self' and the ability to self-heal are key benefits of learning how to channel Reiki.  A lot of people wish to learn about Reiki healing so that they may offer help to improve the wellbeing of others, often going on to become Reiki practitioners themselves.

Practicing Reiki is also a way to develop a spiritual path as well as finding a framework in which to use any healing energies already experienced; it helps the practitioner to gain insight into the true nature of reality and their purpose in life.   

Whatever your reason for choosing Reiki, it can enhance lifestyle and improve well-being.  Reiki is a precious gift which you can give to yourself.