Rob Brown  (Channel Reiki)

My name is Rob Brown. I am a Reiki Shihan (Teacher and Instructor) trained in Komyo Reiki Kai and based in Folkestone, Kent.

As a Reiki practitioner, I work with people to find healing for the problems they face traveling life's path whilst recognising the impact of emotional health on the physical being. I help people to rebalance their natural energies of mind, body and spirit, allowing them to move on with their lives.


As a Reiki Teacher, I teach people how to channel Reiki energy and how to meditate with Reiki.

The practice of   Reiki is both a healing art and a spiritual practice and the goal of the practitioner is to reach enlightenment or 'absolute inner peace'.

I am qualified to Okuden / Shinpiden Master Level of Komyo Reiki Kai and  am a practising member of the  UK Reiki Federation .